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Kentucky Hot Mix

Kentucky Hot Mix

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Kentucky Hot Mix began as a Christmas gift tradition. The Blythe family patriarch had a love of all things spice but more importantly a love for his Mayfield, Kentucky community.

Every December things got spicy in the Blythe household as Mr. Blythe prepared countless of batches of his locally famous hot mix to share with his family and friends. He accepted no payment for this treat. His only requirement: return the tin the mix was shared in to get another batch the following Christmas. There was just something about that spice that kept folks coming back year after year for more mix.

Eventually, Mr. Blythe gifted his secret recipe to his daughter-in-law, Lacey, who then began gifting the mix to clients and friends. It was such a hit that Lacey began exploring ways to bring the product to more households.

Today, Kentucky Hot Mix is a successful family-owned business with three generations of Blythe family members involved in its operation. We invite you to share Kentucky Hot Mix with your local community.

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