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Swappable STRAP for Lovehandle Pro

Swappable STRAP for Lovehandle Pro

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Once you experience the luxury of the Silicone Strap featuring a silky smooth, waterproof and long-lasting surface, you'll certainly want it in your strap collection.

LoveHandle PRO Silicone Straps are backed by the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so the only question is; How many colors do I need?

1-inch Silicone Strap swaps out with the strap on your LoveHandle PRO Base, comes with pins attached and is ready to install.  Swapping straps has never been easier with the upgraded easy access, quick-release stainless steel pins included.

Silicone makes everything better:

-1 " Comfortable, secure grip strap that will hold its shape and length. Never Stretches!

-No slip texture helps the magnets grip metal surfaces more securely than elastic.

-Easy to clean with soap, water, and sanitizer.  Dirt and germs wipe right off!

-Soft smooth silky touch that slips easily in and out of pockets.

-Quick-release pinhole for even easier strap swapping.  Pins included.

*Compatible only with the LoveHandle PRO*


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